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Something Different

Company Name: Something Different Wholesale Ltd

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Something Different Connect,
Upper Fforest Way,
Enterprise Park,

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What is a verified supplier?

Garden Warehouse Direct has teamed up with select manufacturers and suppliers to bring the best garden products direct to your door.

Having your item sent directly from the manufacturer is the best way to ensure quality. Your item hasn't risked being damaged or stored in our busy warehouse.

We like to be transparent with our customers, so when your order is fulfilled by one of our suppliers we let you know on the product page.

You're still purchasing the item from us, but our supplier will manufacture and dispatch your item direct from their factory or warehouse.

We are still responsible for making sure you receive the item you ordered, however, we may put you in touch with the manufacturer to solve any technical difficulties. They know every detail about their products, so will be best able to assist you with any issues.

Your first point of contact is always our friendly customer service team - so if you have a query please contact us.

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How do I contact this supplier?

We're always the first point of contact for anything related to your order. Please contact our team and we'll be able to help.

Can I return items shipped by a verified supplier?

Returns are still assessed by our refund policy. Some items have specific conditions for if they can be returned. (For example; garden sheds must not be assembled)

Please read our full refund policy.

Refund Policy