What we sell

Garden Warehouse Direct offers a range of quality garden products, delivered direct to our customers doors.

We're interested in manufacturers or suppliers of large gardening products which have have the logistics in place to deliver direct to our customers homes.

We take responsibility of every item which we sell, so work on a wholesale D2C ordering method. We'll sell the item and then you'll fulfil orders to our customers. Give us your best price delivered, and we'll advertise to our expanding customer base.

For smaller items, the best experience is achieved when the item is fufilled from our own warehouses. So if you have a smaller item which you think our customers will love, send us a message and we'd love to consider it for our own range.

What our customers expect.

Garden Warehouse Direct is a customer oriented business dedicated to delivering great deals in gardening, delivered direct to our customers door.

If you're a manufacturer or supplier which would like to sell your products to our expanding customer base - you need to deliver on their expectations.

At a minimum our customers expect:

  1. A competitive price - compared to other retail websites.
  2. Fast and free delivery direct to their home.
  3. Free and easy returns or replacements within 30 days - if their item is unopened and unused, or faulty.
  4. Support and technical advice for the item they bought - with quick and helpful responses.
  5. Receive the item they bought - exactly as described.
  6. An expected lifespan - for that specific product.


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